The Harvard Investors Group

The Harvard Investors Group is one of the most prestigious and active groups of qualified investors and investment professionals - including senior analysts, fund managers, and investment advisors - within the New York City financial and investment industries.

Harvard Investor Group meetings provide a favorite forum for top executives of both private and publicly listed companies to discuss their strategies and opportunities, and review performance, with one of the most responsive, knowledgeable - and involved - audiences in New York City.

The Harvard Investors Group meetings are well-respected by investor relations professionals as a valuable, support-building opportunity on their client-companies' schedule of roadshow and private presentations while in New York City.

Attendance at all Harvard Investors Group meetings is strictly limited to invited guests and reserve-listed guests of the presenting company. RSVP must be received at least 48 hours prior to meeting. Access may be denied to anyone who is not an Invitee of the Harvard Investors Group and/or anyone who has not Reserved (RSVP). All attendees are subject to the Legal Disclaimer with respect to disclosure of information by privately-held and publicly traded companies, and their requirements under SEC and other applicable regulations. Space is limited - Invitees must have their Guests pre-approved. "Walk-ins" may be denied access.

Presenting companies may, at their sole option and at their discretion, provide attendees with written or electronic data and information, and the Harvard Investors Group is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any such materials, nor is the Harvard Investors Group under any obligation to obtain, verify or disseminate any changes or corrections to any such materials at any time.

Disclaimer of Relationship

The Harvard Investors Group is a private, independent organization.

The Harvard Investors Group is not affiliated with Harvard University nor with any of its programs or organizations, nor with The Harvard Club.

The Harvard Investors Group is not responsible for the content or structure of any other website linking to or linked from this website.

Harvard Investors Group receives a fee for arranging each meeting.